Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do I have to?????

I dont want to work anymore....well I want to work, just not the current job I have. I want to be a creator, a photographer, a designer; really anything that uses the creative juices are the ones I want. I really think I am going to take a photography course, do some fun stuff do some family stuff and see what people think. I honestly love photography I could watch a professional do their thing for hours, not to mention looking at the amazing work that comes out after all the creativity.

You should see the stuff I take pictures of, Oscar things I'm weird when I agree to go to the golf course with him and while he's golfing Im taking pictures of a flower, or the landscape, or I set up a shot of him putting or really anything that catches my eye. I erase all the nonsence later, because no one is going to look at it other than me, but I loooooove taking pictures, and if I could do it for "real" would be awesome.

Now, to find some money to take this course with is my problemo. I of course havent worked all summer because I have had something like three more seizures and my doctor took me off work; oh I tell ya life is grand for me. Seizures....then a kidney infection that I thought was going to kill me, then another seizure, more medication. I look like the drug queen when you see what I get to take everyday; but enough about me.

Money......hmmm any ideas??

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